Why choose us? 

Tiling can be done by anyone, However tiling is usually the last job to complete a new Bathroom, Kitchen, walls and floors, a bad tiling job can really let the whole room down. Tiling isn’t quite as easy as it looks and the equipment used by our tilers costs several thousands of pounds to buy. 
We have offered a Professional Tile Fixing service since 1990. Also to this day there are a huge amount of people with little or no skills offering tiling services. When something goes wrong customers had little or no chance of contacting them again, let alone getting someone to rectify a mistake. 
We as a company are contactable seven days a week and can be fully contacted in numerous ways Phone and Email. Any challenges are can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

What can we tile? 

Almost anything! Our experienced tiling extends from domestic fireplaces to commercial nightclubs. We are flexible in work hours and will work with you to arrange the most suitable time. 

Underfloor heating 

Under floor heating can really boost the room’s potential from an aesthetic and economic perspective. It can be cheap to run and can be used as a sole source of heat for a single room, so excellent for an extension which would otherwise need a new heating system. 
We supply and fit the under floor heating system to any room, the only thing that we don’t do is connect it to the main electrics. For this you would need a fully qualified electrician 
We always recommend a levelling compound over the top of an under floor heating system, this eliminates “hot spots” where a pocket of air causes uneven heating to the floor. The main reason levelling though is to encase the wires so should you ever need to lift a tile you can do so without damaging the system. 

Can you tile on all floors? 

Yes, including anhydrite / gypsum screeds. These floors are relatively new and need careful preparation to avoid costly mistakes.  
Screed floors made of this material cause a layer of lattice ( salts ) to rise to the surface and if they are tiled on too soon or not adequately prepared, failure is certain and the consequence is a full retile. 
We will test the humidity of a screed, confirm it is dry enough to tile, or let it dry for longer, once dry enough we scrub the floor and apply a special neoprene primer to stabilise the floor. ONLY then would we tile. 

What will you need from me to kick off a tiling project with The Good Tiling Company? 

If you decide to arrange for our tilers to install your tiles. Tiles and materials payment in advance fitting paid on completion, if on-going or large works we would put in place a room by room payment structure. 
Any problems must be reported to us as soon as possible, so that we can resolve any issues immediately. 
If an area needs preparing before we start and you have agreed to carry out the work this must be done in advance. If we have to carry out additional work this would have to be charged for accordingly. 
We must insist that the area we are working in is free from other workmen and we can carry out the work uninterrupted. (In the past we have been expected to tile a floor whilst the plasterer is plastering a ceiling overhead) 
We will always try our best to accommodate if we are tiling your only way in or out of the property by making spaces as usable as possible. Unfortunately we no longer fix tiles that are not purchased from us. This is simply due to real poor quality tiles that are available elsewhere. 
We will not fix using brands of adhesives/grouts not supplied by us. This is for various reasons which include Quality Guarantee and performance. 
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